October, 2017
My husband and I started marriage counseling a few weeks before our wedding. I am so glad we did! You get out of it what you are willing to put into it. We went into this open and with an honest heart. We learned a lot about our communication styles, and some personal issues came out that we never expected, such as things we do that triggers negative feelings from past trauma, etc. I can say with certainty that if we hadn’t done the coaching those issues would have never been addressed and in time would have potentially caused a breakdown in our communication. It was great to have Dixie there to walk us through the process and support us every step of the way. She is compassionate, loving, and kind. We both feel so comfortable with Dixie and see the benefit of continuing coaching throughout our marriage and individually. -Crystal and Wes, CA

August, 2016

Before I decided to take Life Coaching, I felt stuck and hopeless — like I had reached a dead end. I really didn't think there was any way to change that. Life Coaching was my way out —after just the first day of coaching, I immediately felt hopeful. Over the remainder of our sessions, I watched my life transform. Day to day routines became exciting again as I started to anticipate my future and strengthen my relationship with God. Such a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I've gained so many helpful insights through Life Coaching. -Kayla, CA

May, 2016

I love Words and their meanings I look up a lot of them. This time of my life “Transition” is what pops in. I have excitement for this transition and wanted to get a full meaning of the word; looking up definitions, I came across this: “a smooth transition when the new owners take control of the company”-Merriam Webster. That is exactly what is happening in my life, I am taking over the company that is ME. I do have help as I take over my company; help that is led by Jesus; I have tools to apply to my life and I have check points to reference when things go astray.

Dixie from Reflections of Grace- helps me run my company by introducing new strategies and concepts to maintain the life that God has given me. I was a broken mess not living with any hope that it would be better. I met with Dixie in Life coaching 5 or so years ago with a lot of the same issues of brokenness and we went through weeks of coaching. I looked forward every week to sitting down with her as we walked through concepts and strategies. I left every week hopeful yet didn’t fully accept the information and would fall right back into old habits. I felt I was wasting her time and disappointing her. Her full assurance that this was my journey she was just helping me along the way and I could never disappoint her.

Fast forward five years later broken and beat down sitting on the floor in my bedroom crying out to God to help me, I could not handle this anymore. I heard in my thoughts “Call Dixie” “oh no I just can’t God I left our sessions unfinished she won’t want to help me now” “Call Dixie” “but God”… “Call Dixie”


I dialed the phone she picked up right away and was so welcoming and loving and told me it sounded like I was ready now to really heal and she wanted to help me on that journey. I was relieved and surprised; when I left her before there was more work to do but I just wasn’t ready to make the changes. I thought about it a couple of days later and actually called her and said I did not want to start up again. I felt I was far too much of a mess and I didn’t want to put her through it. Dixie full of grace and love said “let’s do this, we can have one session and see how it goes, I believe I can help you let’s just do the one session and not worry about any more for now”.

In addition she had changed her format to video (skype) sessions. I was skeptical I would not get the same benefits of sessions across the computer screen. That turned out to be such a lovely gift it allowed me to not be overwhelmed with months of sessions, it was a doable amount of time in my broken state. After thinking about the video format I thought at least I could stay home where I felt safe.


That first session opened up a gift that has continued now for months and I look forward to my weekly sessions like it is a Christmas gift. To be truthful I think the video sessions are actually better for both of us it allows full disclosure without the uncomfortable feelings that arise in face to face situations. I also believe it allows Dixie to be fully alert to Gods prompts as we work without the worry of hostess duties in her home. While she was amazing in the face to face visits so warm and welcoming; yet because they were in her own home I am sure as any Martha type girl does she had my comfort ( ex: thirsty, hot ,cold, etc.) in the back of her mind.

In video sessions I get to wear comfortable clothing sometimes my pajamas, have my coffee with my puppy right next to me in my own home (the safe place for my thoughts to come out) This has been a life changing experience and I encourage anyone who is struggling and wants guidance from Jesus to allow Dixie to walk along with you in coaching sessions. I am writing this immediately after our session today thinking how nice it is to have a tool box full of options to run my life that is my own company with expectation of a full and peaceful life even during the bad times.

I have spent too many years in the mailroom of my own company and now it is time to sit in the big comfy chair in the big office that says CEO with full understanding that God owns the Company.

Accept this gift if you need a life adjustment with a spiritual foundation Dixie will fit that call. She reminds me this is my journey and she is just walking along with me. In my company her office is right next to mine I can run over for a coffee break and then return to my own office and get the work done.

Thank You Dixie I wish there was a bigger word for Thank You – oh but there is “Jesus Loves You”. -Elizabeth, CA


February, 2016


"Finding Dixie was divine intervention. Dixie helped me see my journey with the Lord--and life in a different way; a very good way.  When I first went to Dixie I couldn't talk for crying.  I was flopping around like a fish out of water.  I now have good, positive 'tools' to deal with life's ups and downs that I didn't have before and ones that I did have were brought to the surface.  I feel strengthened and free.  Not only is Dixie caring and loving, she is compassionate and non-judgmental.  I am so grateful to have found her. I truly feel I can call her my friend.  Thank you Dixie!!" -PW, CA


November, 2015


"My experience of coaching was better than I ever expected.  I discovered things about myself that were hindering my relationship with God and others.  With tools I learned from Dixie I am now able to process what I am feeling and then respond in a healthy manner.  I was able to be real, vulnerable and always felt safe.  I know that the Lord connected us and I am so grateful He did.  I encourage anyone considering to give it a try, God is so faithful to meet you where you are and Dixie has the tools to get you there…" -Trisha, CA


November, 2015


"When I came to Dixie to inquire about sessions with her, I was full of questions, hurt and confused.   She asked thought provoking questions with each step I had to work through and guided me on the right path to healing and peace! I felt comfortable enough from day one to be open and share what the questions had stirred up in me. Throughout the sessions I found myself more confident and happy, finding joy in my new way of thinking. Each week the sermon at my church seemed to match what Dixie and I had done in the session that week, to me it was a sign from God and confirmed that I was on the right path.  I recommend Life coaching with Dixie to anyone who is confused or lost in a dark place." -Tina, CA


July, 2015


"I am very grateful for the Life Coach Ministry that Dixie offers.  It brought me to a higher revelation of my calling and purpose in my personal life!  As a local Pastor I needed clarity on things that were hindering me.  I am very Blessed to have gone through life coaching and I now express my own Freedom in Christ that can only come from exposing my life through the wisdom and grace that Dixie offers in her coaching experience!!  Thank You Dixie for the non-judgmental love that you freely shared with me!" -Peter, CA


July, 2015


"I was coached by Dixie as an individual and also as a married couple...a real eye opener!  The ideas and decisions I made throughout my 38 years of marriage, as I found out, were not shared with the same enthusiasm by my wife.  My controlling nature kept her in a box.  Dixie's counsel, based on biblical principles, has a unique ability to bring out the best in an individual and expose negative characteristics in a kind manner.  Results were not immediate.  I had to recognize that I needed to change and then act on what I learned.  Our marriage is getting stronger--building takes time.  Dixie does walk her talk." -Clark, CA


June, 2015


"I was in great turmoil this past year as a second grade teacher with 22 years of experience.  After dedicating a large part of my life work to providing a topnotch education to public school children, I found myself under attack by a small cadre of parents connected to our school.


They had complaints that were founded on gossip, as I never taught any of their children.  It happened that five years ago one parent heard something negative about me from her son, who was defending the behavior of his best friend, and she started a hate campaign against me.  Well she hardly even knew me, as she was not the custodial parent, and we only met once.  But that got the ball rolling that put me in the position of having to explain myself over and over again to the principal, who did not require the complainers to even talk to me first before they lodged their complaints. (Most principals would have required them to see me first.)


Clearly this was a spiritual battleground, as I had stepped up as a Christian who has dedicated her life to serving our Lord.  I was referred to Dixie by a mutual friend as being a Christian coach who would be able to support me and bring me up out of the mire into a clear spiritual understanding of my true identity as a valued daughter of God.


This is indeed what happened.  After ten sessions I had attained a spiritual perspective that overcame the negative charge and complete discouragement I was feeling when we first started.  I continue to practice forgiveness and 'take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.'


God was right there in the midst of the struggle and caused all sense of struggle with my career to fall away.  I regained my sense of joy and I'm now 'singing a new song to the Lord.'


Thank you for this wonderful support, Dixie!" -Rebecca, CA


March, 2015


"So, how's your life going?  Have you moved into a new season thinking you could use a little guidance?  Is the stress you carry becoming too heavy?  Are you involved in a "toxic" relationship that you just can't handle anymore?  Is depression threatening to swallow you up?   Well...I was experiencing all these issues and sinking fast.   When Dixie and I met, she mentioned she was a Life Coach.  After giving it some thought I signed up for some coaching sessions!  The results have been truly amazing.  Working with Dixie was very freeing.  For me it was very easy to trust Dixie and share with her some painful times in my life.  Together, with God's guidance His Light was shone on the root of the problems and what I could do to change the situations.  I couldn't change the other people involved, but by changing me it changed the whole dynamic and gave me options I didn't know I had.  Dixie is extremely talented at what she does and I believe she has been given the spiritual gift of discernment.  I heartily recommend Dixie as a Life Coach!!" -Ronda, CA


January, 2015


"When I started working with Dixie I had no idea if I would get the help I wanted-- as my struggle had been a very long and complicated one.  What I did know was that I would be giving the work involved  100%.  I was tired of being stuck in my thinking and the reoccurring difficult situations I faced daily.  I just didn’t know how to help myself anymore and hearing God was very hard for me.  I felt I had lost the sweet connection of God’s whisper and was hoping and praying Dixie would help me get it back.  I was praying that God would speak to us both so that I could weed through my thoughts and get back on track.  What I experienced was the breakthrough that I was looking for.  Here is a list of the highlights!


  • A clearer picture and answers to what was happening to keep me off track and in the cycle of thinking I was caught up in. 

  • I received tools and the changed perspective I was hoping for.

  • I received understanding from Dixie since she had gone through some of the same life challenges I had.

  • I experienced love and compassion from Dixie so that I could have hope for change and a renewed faith that God was really in control. 

  • And best of all I started to hear God again.  It was through an assignment Dixie gave me to do one day.


I could not be more grateful for this time with Dixie.  I just could not have done this work myself.  She is the perfect person to be your coach if you want to get back to the path you long to be on again." -Deborah, KS


November, 2014


"Have you ever felt like you’re stumbling through life trying to finish one thing while three other things are just beginning?  I’m 53 years old and with the beautiful direction of Dixie’s coaching, I was able to recognize that I was stumbling through life after losing my beloved husband at the age of 50, to esophageal cancer.  He was ill for almost three years, and during that time I was already mourning him. 


Although I am a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, and do believe in healing, I’m also aware that even Jesus said to His Father…'not mine, but your will be done.'  So after about a year and a half, my prayers changed from 'Heal him Lord', to 'Your will be done'.  And, 'Lord please prepare me.' 


My daughter, Januari, referred me to Dixie because of the great healing she received in her life through Dixie’s coaching and prayer.  It became evident to Januari and I, that I was harboring a lot of anger.  (You’re probably thinking oh…she’s angry at God for taking her husband home…) but that’s not it at all.  In addition to losing my husband, I have suffered molestation, abandonment, unfaithfulness, betrayal, poverty, and unstableness in my life.  All of these things I had hidden in the depths of my heart.  There were things in there that I didn’t even know existed.  And all these things manifested anger in my heart making for a strong, dominant, aggressive, and obstinate woman.  My first instinct was always survival, which essentially meant I was on the defense most of the time.


Regarding my husband’s death, I know and understand we all have our appointed time.  For me death is going home.  God really prepared me. In those quiet nights when Marc was really ill, I spent time in my studio talking to God.  And at that time I remember asking the Lord to use me, and that scripture in Isaiah 6:8 came to me. I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:  'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?'  Then I said, 'Here am I!  Send me.'  It’s almost as if The Lord said, 'Okay then, I NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE!'


You see, my late husband was such a loving and giving man, and he never had children of his own.  He placed rings on both of my daughters promising to protect and take care them the day he married me.  But along with a huge, loving, and caring heart, he was also very passive.  His passivity melded perfectly with my unhealed heart, because he didn’t challenge me even in my bad behavior patterns.  Because of this, my strongholds were given free reign to manifest themselves. 


Although I don’t know all the reasons God took him home so soon, He probably knew I would never truly heal and grow in trusting Him, if He continued to allow my husband to be my crutch.  I didn’t put God first, and I looked to my husband for everything, instead of God.  So now in my single state it was a problem because my husband, whom I relied on for all things, was gone.  After he passed away, the pain that I had always lived with now seemed like gaping wounds, while being bounced around life and sprayed with salt.  I wondered how I’d continue in this life without him.  Basically, I was a follower of Christ who felt perpetually defeated, because I hadn’t yet learned to trust God completely for my healing, my safety, my provision…for everything.  I had instead put that impossible burden on my husband.  


Through Dixie’s gifting of spiritual healing, the Lord used her in a loving and gentle way in my coaching sessions.  I can now see a light at the end of my tunnel!  If you are dealing with anything that has a strong hold on your life, please don’t spend your time, like I did, living blindly.  God should be the only one given control over our lives, because He knows best.  His ways and thoughts are higher than ours!  The Holy Spirit will use Dixie in your life to lead you to true freedom in Christ, so don’t walk…run to healing!" -Ellie, TX


June, 2014


"I came to Dixie about a year ago now, but I definitely didn't come with a smile on my face or without dragging my feet through the door. I was at a place where I wanted to be healed from all the baggage of my past, but I wasn't quite sure I was ready to reveal all the secrets I had kept for so long. Dixie was more than patient with me. She worked with me every week to not only show me my true worth and value in Christ, but she also helped me to move past self-harm and I was able to find true beauty and worth in myself.  Throughout my sessions with Dixie, I went from feeling like a slave to my abusers to feeling true freedom because they no longer have any power over me. Dixie has become more than just my coach, she has become my friend and is like a second mom to me. I know I still have a ways to go, but I am not where I used to be. I can't thank her enough for helping me get to where I am today. Love you Dixie!" -Chelsea, TX


June, 2014


"I met Dixie back in the late 1980's.  I began attending a support group she hosted for Sexual Abuse Survivors.  Her group was a wonderful safe place to be --honest and real-- and I also found encouragement from the group along the way.  In November of 1992 we moved.  I had struggled all of my life with depression and anxiety and shortly after moving into our new home I began having panic attacks so severe that my weight dropped to 87 lbs.  I also began experiencing physical ailments.  I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with Clinical Depression and gave me medication that I am still taking today, though I am not happy about it.   But it has made the difference between functioning and not functioning.  I have been through a lot of different counselors through the years and I see now that the counseling has  been stepping stones for me in this journey I am on.  In November 2004, the Lord moved us back to where I lived as a child.  It was one of the most difficult things that I ever had to do because it brought back emotions that were very painful.  I hated being back and wanted to move away.    I did not want to be here.  But God, in his Amazing Love, knew what he was doing.  The place where so much devastation and pain has occurred in my life is now becoming a place of healing.  About 18 mos. ago I reconnected with Dixie through Facebook.  In September of 2013 I started life coaching with Dixie.  My relation with God was very dysfunctional at best.  I was extremely uncomfortable and had anxiety about being alone with God.  I would escape in different ways and did not enjoy being in my own home while my husband was at work.  Through coaching with Dixie I'm beginning to be comfortable and relaxed being home alone and actually enjoy it.  She is teaching me and showing me through her own life how much God really loves me and that He really is a safe and loving God.  I have a long way to go but with the help of Dixie and her Life Coaching I am confident and hopeful for the 1st time in my life that I will be able to heal from my traumatic childhood.  Thank you Lord and thank you Dixie!" - Renee, CA


Apriil, 2014


"In January of 2014 I began a journey like no other. I was at a point in my life I was ready for God to heal my past and use me for the ministry He called me too. I knew that I was going to have to get rid of the emotional baggage I had carried for over 30 years and God sent a divine connection to help me do just that.I met Dixie through a Facebook friend and the very first time I heard her voice on the phone I knew in my spirit God had ordained our paths to cross.Dixie has become my friend, my confidante, my sister in Christ, and someone I will add to my list of family. She has helped me find those deep down emotions, tucked away, hidden, from the world, and bring them to the surface in order for God to heal me.There were quite a few “AHA” moments while coaching with Dixie. There were times I cried because she helped me to validate the feelings I had that others had told me should have been buried a long time ago.I found myself excited knowing that my next appointment with her would be filled with discoveries and revelations but most of all, healing.The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” When you meet Dixie you will know she was Heaven sent." -Judy, Guam


March, 2014


"I was in a coffin of Satan's making. He sat on top my coffin with many evil spirits scattered around my box. They howled with joy. I am a christian. My soul belongs to Jesus, but Satan was making sure he stole my life. A recent move had led to great dissatisfaction and brought everything to a climax. I was praying and in such a desolate situation all I could say in my prayer was "help" over and over. It was a tiny, distant "blip..., blip.....blip" weaker and weaker and yet........ my precious God heard me. I had already tried secular counseling for anger and was told I was "cured". I knew I was not. I knew there was a great river of anger still bubbling beneath the service. Meanwhile, Satan continued to sail up and down my anger river cackling and partying on top my coffin. One night, I was web searching and found Dixie's blog. I read all her entries and then I ordered her book and read it cover to cover. It wasn't long, and I called her for life coaching. It was one of the best decisions I have ever been led to do. There is such hope and joy, peace and love in the release of my bondage. I have fallen in love with my beautiful Jesus even more. I ride the magic carpet of joy with the wind in my face. The birds fly with me, white horses gallop beside me. These are metaphors, but they explain how I feel. I feel free. And I wouldn't have arrived here without Dixie. God truly uses her to set the captives free." -Donna, CA


November, 2013


"Life coaching has opened up my heart and mind to an awareness of so many things that have dictated my behaviors and choices in my life. I come from a family origin where I have no memories of love, support, or nurturing. As a result, I have been divorced 3 times and involved in a abusive co-dependent relationship. Now at age 50 and my kids on their own, I find myself alone and completely broken inside. But with that brokenness comes a time for healing. Dixie has given me the tools to discover, and seek the Lord in ways that I can now change those choices and behaviors and lead a more fulfilled life." -Mary, CA


October, 2013


My time spent with Dixie was of so much value! She helped me see myself as God sees me. I now realize that God really does have a plan for my life. Now I can see what my purpose is and with God's help I can realize it. The guidance, love, and prayers that Dixie gave will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you Dixie for being a faithful servant of God." -Carolyn


June, 2013


"As I sit here writing this testimony of my time with Dixie as my life coach, I feel like words will just be inadequate. Dixie is a true woman of God, led by the Holy Spirit… so what she does is God's work. God's work is always something amazing and powerful in the lives of those who are seeking Him with an open heart. I was seeking more of God in my life, and Dixie helped me to accomplish that by exposing the lies in my life that were hindering me, and replacing those lies with Truth from God's Word. The fog cleared in my heart and mind, and I was pointed toward truth. I was given tools to grow my relationship with the Lord in ways that have been incredibly fruitful. She became a part of me, someone I grew to love immensely, a great friend, a warrior, and a mentor. Dixie has never been short on compassion and a desire for healing in the lives of the broken. She puts her heart and soul into her work and is a survivor herself. More importantly, the Holy Spirit is her guide. Her coaching took me from a place of complete brokenness to a place of understanding and growth. I recommend Dixie to you with every fiber of my being. I hold nothing back when I say that. She was an answer to my prayers, and will be to yours too. If you ever come to decide you've had enough of the lies and destructive cycles that have consumed your life, and are willing to do what it takes to tear those strongholds down, please…consider this incredible woman to lead the way!" -Januari, TX


April, 2013


"I must admit that I entered my "Life Coaching" experience dragging my feet. I was physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I really wanted to find a nice quiet spot, curl up and sleep for a long time. I had just lost my husband of 47 years to a brief but brutal encounter with cancer. I attended a couple of Hospice group session, however I left them feeling more depressed than when I arrived. Nothing against Hospice, they were wonderful to our family. I was not looking for life coaching - it found me. I was not looking for tomorrow, today was enough to endure - but God had other plans. His plans began over a year ago when he placed Dixie's husband, Greg, into my husband's life. This eventually led to me meeting Dixie at my husband's "Celebration of Life". She invited me to a women's Bible study she held in her home and later suggested "Life Coaching." By this time I had developed a bond of trust with both Greg and Dixie. I decided to give coaching a try. I am very thankful I did! I feel like a new person; Alive, fresh, renewed and excited to explore the "purpose and hope" that the Lord has prepared especially for me. Dixie's life experiences have given her incredible depth, compassion and wisdom in the Lord. You can feel her unconditional love and acceptance. You know you are in a safe place. I would highly recommend Dixie as an authentic, sincere and professional life coach." -Sheila, Nipomo, CA


December 19, 2012


"My knock on Dixie's door welcomed my broken heart. Her life coaching and the deep love she has for Jesus shines through her in her Life Coaching. In meeting with her she shares her love for Jesus and conversations she has had with Jesus. At one time, I felt my heart was broken. Then I realized it was really just empty. During sessions with Dixie she helped me to see just how much Jesus really loves me. This provided the pathway for me to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus today. I smile because it is an exciting relationship. It has been a while since my sessions and this is how I feel today: Jesus is my life partner and he is my husband. I put no one before him; and he puts no one before me when I am in need. He is the best husband a girl could have. He doesn't lie or cheat and he is unconditionally forgiving and my life is all about him, as it should be. His gifts to me are sharing, thoughtful, resourceful and his arms are around me every night. Through Dixie's Life Coaching my heart is healed and she has opened God's gate for me to be a better person-- more than I could have done by myself. The happiness I have makes me feel like I am floating in the Grace of God. I trusted Dixie with my life and there have been no disappointments. She is a teacher, she is my friend, and my sister in Christ. Thank you Dixie! Through your coaching I have the self-confidence to keep moving forward. Much love to you." -CeCe.


December, 2012


"At first I was reluctant to accept Dixie's invitation to Life Coaching, despite the fact I had recently found myself in a neutral position with no real direction in my life. I was stuck! After going through a traumatic divorce about five years ago I had lost a lot of confidence in myself and in others. I found myself marching around the same mountain, repeatedly finding myself in a pit. I knew I needed a little push and some encouragement. Through Life Coaching I learned the reasons behind my fears. This enabled me to gain confidence and step into my fears, allowing God to show me the gifts, talents and abilities I was born with, that I forgot I had, or didn't even know existed within me. That alone makes each day exciting! I now have a closer relationship with Jesus and a greater understanding of how He speaks to me each day. I realize God is truly with me everywhere I go, and I cannot live my life afraid of failing. God is not going to open a door He does not want me to go through. I want to continue stepping out in faith, sometimes with great fear, but observe God stepping in and taking over. That is music to my ears and offers so much freedom!" -Carla


August, 2012


"I began coaching thinking that somehow it would help me to see things in my life differently. I did not realize I would be asked to look deeply at my motives and search to find the origins of many of my thought patterns. Dixie was so good at encouraging me to look at those things I usually avoided. That combined with her insightful wisdom has helped me to heal and grow in leaps and bounds. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Dixie. I would recommend her to anyone willing to do the work necessary to grow in their relationship with God and others." -Cindy, CA


March 1, 2012


"It was quite a while after I had first heard about coaching before I actually started, and of course I was skeptical. I think we all somewhat feel we are in control and that we know everything about ourselves. This couldn't be further from the truth. The last thing we want is to let people know of our weaknesses. Many times we don't even acknowledge we have weaknesses. I had prayed about the coaching for awhile and God finally gave me the conformation when it was the right time. It was very revealing at first because you discover things about yourself that hinder your relationships with people and with God. The further you progress in the coaching you start to realize how debilitating some of your attitudes and actions really are towards yourself and others. Dixie helps bring these to light, but more importantly she gives you the tools to help change the behavior that has been a setback for so long. I realized so many things about my walk with God and my relationships with people that were not right. I felt so liberated after discovering these things, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Dixie really tailors the coaching to the individual needs. It is definitely not a "one size fits all" experience. You have to be willing and open to accept new ideas and thoughts about yourself that you might not have thought possible before. But it is definitely worth it to receive the enlightenment and the freedom that the Holy Spirit wants to give you. God has chosen Dixie to be the guide for self improvement and I encourage anyone to try it. It is totally worth it." -Randy, CA


February, 2012


"The coaching I have done with Dixie is amazing! Before we started I had no idea what the outcome would be. I just knew I needed to improve myself and I needed someone's help to make that happen. Dixie achieved that in me way beyond my expectations. She opened doors and feelings I didn't even know existed in me. All of our conversations and sessions were so meaningful. She opened my heart and my soul and I was able to adjust my thinking in so many areas. It has been an amazing, amazing experience. I am so thankful and appreciative of all the changes, and the results I have witnessed in my life because of coaching. She helped usher angels across my path, I have no doubt about it! I am looking forward to our next step. To analyze the gospel in the form of a Bible study." -Judit, CA


December, 2011


"My husband Jason first discovered Dixie and the Life Purpose Coaching that she offered when we had been separated nearly eight months, on the verge of divorce. Jason started the ten week life coaching process on his own, before I decided to pursue it (after a failed round of marriage counseling sessions I wasn't as confident to start all over again). However, after some time had passed and seeing how much of a difference it was making in Jason I was convinced that I should give Life Coaching a chance. It wasn't until we completed the individual coaching (a few months later) before coming together in couples coaching. I believe going through the individual coaching process rather than going straight to couples sessions was crucial for us because it really laid the groundwork in helping us understand who we were as individuals first and foremost and why we were in the situation we were in. Ultimately, I would have to say that life coaching is a process of self-discovery, something that takes courage and honesty to do. And for us, it was also a process that helped us with forgiveness, healing, and acceptance and understanding of one another. Undoubtedly, the Holy Spirit really ministered to both of us and helped us through the entire process, something that Dixie really encouraged and help to usher in. Life coaching has been a gift to us, equipping us with the tools we need to lay a stronger foundation for our marriage to be built upon. Today, I'm happy to say that my husband and I (as well as our 3yr old son) are once again living together as a family, starting over with a brighter future. First and foremost, it wouldn't be possible if it hadn't been for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who was the greatest example of love and forgiveness and our perfect Father above who never fails us, which is why I believe that Dixie and Life Coaching was an answer to prayer and I will be forever grateful to her. I would encourage anyone who is considering Life Coaching to take that leap of faith, the Lord will meet you wherever you are and help you along the way." -Cherie, CA


January, 2011


"I felt like I had lost my direction and found myself asking these questions. Where am I going? What am I doing with my life? What can I be doing that is worthwhile? I needed to do a personal assessment in order to clearly see my direction. I had heard that Dixie was a Life Purpose Coach. So there was part of my answer. I signed up for some sessions to see if I could get redirected. It was the right time and the right place. Through the coaching I was able to find my strengths and weaknesses. I became aware of my issues and in turn was able to daily recognize them and change them. I feel I have direction now and am pursuing interests that I have had for a long time. Dixie is very good at coaching and has a heart for it. I would recommend her to anyone that needs help discovering their life purpose or anyone who needs help getting direction. Thanks Dixie for all your help in coaching and mentoring me." -Sue, CA