September, 2010


"I came to a cross roads in my life in early 2010. My husband and I had lost our business in 2009. My father was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June 2009 and passed away in November that same year. I felt lost and was drifting with no focus. It felt like life was happening to me rather than me living my life. I needed help navigating these uncertain waters called life. I knew that Dixie was a Life Coach and thought maybe that is what I needed. I thought it would help me to focus and get a plan and a direction for my life. It has done that and soooo much more. For me, the “Life” part of the coaching was not just about the here and now, but encompassed all my life, how everything in my life brought me to this place. You know the old saying…you don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been…that is where I was. It is nice to know that in this journey there are no “right” and no “wrong” answers. Many times in answering questions, I would simply write, I don’t know (many many times) and Dixie told me my inability to answer told her just as much as an in depth paragraph. It was very enlightening. Dixie has a lot of insight and wisdom. She is very patient. She helps guide you on your journey rather than leading you. It has been a blessing and an awesome experience. I would recommend Dixie to everyone." -Terri, CA


April, 2010


"Coaching for me was a process of finding truth about myself. In order to go forward we sometimes must look back. It’s like mental building blocks, if you miss one it’s important to go find the missing part. I spent most of my Christian life looking inside myself for places that needed fixed. The trouble with that was that it was me doing the looking and trying to fix myself so I would be acceptable to God. It was the whole works performance ritual I lived out of and the façade of Religion and the structure of the Religious Institution. Jesus never intended us to live outside of relationship with Him. In my experience Gal 3:1 explains it best “Oh foolish Kim! Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?” I started out with truth but along the way my own dysfunctions got in the way. When Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” John8:32, I understood, revelation of truth set me free, and the groundwork was laid. Through the process of coaching I was able to see the lies I had believed. Coaching put names and words to my feelings. Because of my past patterns with fear of man and being controlled, I had allowed myself to get into bondage; The root being my Mother’s death and my need for security and filling that void. Understanding grace helped me see myself, “Accepted in the Beloved” Eph 1:6. I didn’t need man’s approval any more. For the first time in years I am feeling the Love of my Father like never before. Going back over my childhood was an eye opener for me as well. I began to see my life was not as uneventful as the lies I believed. I didn’t appreciate my childhood or life’s experiences. They were under the blood! Meaning even the good stuff got left behind. I now realize all my life experiences have made me who I am today, the good, the bad and the ugly. Seeing myself healed from so many issues was amazing. I have lived through a lot in my 51 years and have come out on top thanks to forgiveness and letting go. I now have the courage and trust to let God be God, meaning I don’t have to control and try to fix everyone. I am able to trust God with my family and let them walk out their own salvation. Their trials will make them who they are and strengthen them in God. As much as I Love them and people I can’t change them, Only God can and their willingness to change. My coaching experience was confirming in establishing what God was already doing in me. I Love the scripture: “Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water, But a man of understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5. That is what happened to me. My coach was able to draw out of me by letting me explore my own thoughts and feelings. He who had begun a good work in me was allowing me to see that work and how far I have come. Coaching has helped me walk out those decisions with confidence and courage. The decision to get unstuck is one thing, the tools and courage to stay unstuck is another. I am on the right track J The tools I take with me will continue to establish me with confidence in knowing there isn’t anything stopping me now unless I let it. Resting in God’s Love is key to my security. I now feel like I have control over my life but I gladly yield it over to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is my way, my truth and my life." -Kim, CA


November, 2009


"I sought out Life Coaching to help myself through a marital separation from my wife, and possible impending divorce. At first, I was unsure if the Life Coaching would actually benefit me. Well, after completing the 10 week series of sessions with Dixie, I am here to tell you that I was totally amazed at the benefits of Life Coaching. I came to realize how we tend to cover up areas of our life throughout the years that could actually help us with future decisions and in facing life’s challenges. Dixie was able to help me peel back the layers of my life to help me understand where I was coming from, and the circumstances that I grew up with, which shaped the individual I am today. It was unbelievable the things in my life that I needed to take a look at that I have not thought about in years. Some items of my life that needed to be dealt with were from more than 35 years back. To gain the benefit of growth in your life you have to go back and start at the beginning and move forward to the present day, in order to totally understand why it is that you look at things the way you do, and process information they way you do. Also, it helps us to understand why we react the way we do to both good and challenging situations in our lives. For me, I have and will continue to share the benefits that I have realized from Life Coaching. I will encourage others that are facing challenges in their lives as well to take the Life Coaching course and begin to see the difference it will make in their lives. Thank you Dixie for all of your support and guidance with helping me to understand myself better and the prayers that you tailored made for me, specifically to help me throughout this Life Coaching course. Thank you again." -Don, CA


November, 2009


"Within the 10 weeks of Coaching, my life completely changed. Physically, I felt better as well. And I’m back on track as far as my passion for health and wellness. Dixie asked questions about my childhood that I’d never been asked before and Holy Spirit revealed huge parts of my life purpose through those questions. I had lost my childhood dreams and never even knew God had given those to me at a very young age. Suddenly many of the puzzle pieces were being picked up and put in their place. In the midst of coaching, a job opening came up and I applied, interviewed, and got hired in the same day. It happened to be in health and wellness. Opportunities to help women who are going through some things that I’ve gone through have come about, as well. My eyes have been opened, even more, to my life purpose. To be able to help women has made all I’ve been through worth it. God truly uses our hard and sometimes ugly past for His good purposes. I learned so much about love and what our calling is, to love. That’s it, just love. I wouldn’t change my journey thus far, it has made me who I am and I love who I am. This is just a glimpse of the Great work God did. The last session with Dixie revealed a stronghold. The stronghold was broken through prayer and Dixie saw me trudging in a stream of mud that was my life, and then she saw clear water coming and washing away the mud. That is what God through His Holy Spirit has done for me through coaching with Dixie. It’s been a few months since and the miracles keep coming. I’m now training to be a Life Purpose Coach myself! Thanks Dixie for your love!" -Heather, CA


October, 2009


"When I first started my sessions with Dixie, I was stuck in life, not wanting to go on anymore. I felt like I had no place to turn and I didn’t have the strength to continue. Dixie has taught me many things about life and myself. Things that I needed to know to make it through each day. She showed me that people care and will be there for you. I am so grateful for Dixie and all her knowledge and strength in the Lord. Dixie did not judge me or make me feel bad about myself, she has got me through the toughest time in my life so far." -Amber, MI


June 2009


"I have been working with Dixie since March and she has really opened my eyes to negative behavioral patterns ingrained in me since childhood and how these behavioral patterns have affected my personal relationships as an adult. She has an incredible gift for counseling and a true insight that helped me to see the guilt, fear, anger and resentment that have been dictating my actions for decades. The coaching sessions are enlightening, provocative and uplifting. I was always amazed at what was uncovered as we worked together through the Life Coaching exercises. Dixie is always there for you by email too when you need guidance, understanding or just an answer to a question. There is no doubt in my mind the Holy Spirit works through her to heal the wounds of the past, help you to leave them in the past, move out of the darkness and move forward in the Light of God." -John D., CA


June, 2009


"I began Life Coaching with Dixie on Valentine’s Day 2009. I will admit that I was skeptical at first. I had spent almost two years on a psychologist’s couch and I had tried everything under the sun from the medical community - all to no avail. Yet, I felt drawn to work with her, and given the method by which I'd met her, I believe in my spirit that God wanted me to work with her. I’ve never felt comfortable talking about most things with anyone and at first it seemed strange to lay out my soul to a woman I didn’t really know. I was concerned about the potential for judgment and condemnation, but I soon found out that those concerns were completely unwarranted. Even when I shared what I considered the darkest secrets of my life, she was not disturbed or taken aback. I could tell Dixie anything about myself, my feelings, my experiences and every single time those admissions were met with love. Pure unconditional love as God would have us all to love one another. Never, in any correspondence or discussion with her, have I experienced anything but total acceptance of me and where I am at in life. When I didn't understand a principle that was considered elementary in the Christian faith, Dixie explained it using examples. Not once did she say anything that would cause me to feel like I was stupid or that there was something I was lacking in because I didn't know these things. As I worked the exercises prior to a coaching session, I can remember thinking that some of them seemed sort of "no big deal", but then when we met to talk about it, Dixie managed every single time to pick up on something that needed real work. She demonstrated a knack at recognizing those areas where I have been blind, and she exposed them lovingly yet candidly. I eagerly anticipated each session because ultimately by the end of the time, I would feel uplifted, joyful, and blessed. It wasn't long before the anxiety and fear that plagued me most of my life was gone as I learned how the lies I believed from the past wrongly affected my present day view of myself, and that God's view of me is vastly different than I ever knew or believed. I learned how to surrender my life and everything in it to God. Though I had accepted Christ as my Savior years before, I never understood or knew how to walk in the freedom He offers. Thanks to Dixie’s Life Coaching, I now walk in a freedom like never before. Oh, and those aches and pains that so horribly disrupted my life for over 20 years? Those are completely gone. I sleep more deeply now than I have ever, all through the night, and sometimes without waking at all. I recommend Dixie without reservation. She has truly blessed me and continues to do so." -Jeanne, CA


July, 2009


"Life Coaching with Dixie has been a very positive experience for me. I have been a Christian for 27 years, but I had come to a place of experiencing blockages that were hindering my prayers. During my first session, Dixie gave me some scriptures that could only have come from God. The coaching was a group effort; the Holy Spirit, Dixie, and I. I felt only love and compassion from her. I was able to freely discuss and explore hidden areas that I had kept in the dark. Since then I have noticed I feel so much less shame and guilt in my daily life, thanks to my coaching experience." -Janet, CA


January, 2009


"Dixie is a long time friend who offered to Life Coach me through a very difficult time in my life. I had made poor decisions that had led to much destruction and hurt to my close relationships. Right from the first meeting I felt the Holy Spirit use her as a vessel to zero in to the core of the problems. Through her material and her sensitivity to the Spirit the eyes of my heart began to open and the healing began. It was the launching pad I needed to start to see clearly that God had an exciting, amazing, and intimate plan especially for me. Lynn, from Santa Maria April, 2008 When I first walked into Dixie's home I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I was sad, confused, and hopeless. I felt like a complete failure in life. I had been medically discharged from the USAF after almost eight years of service and couldn't find a job to support myself and my medical bills. I had also just discovered that my husband had been having an affair for about 6 months. He said he was in love with this other woman, but that he loved me too. So I was pretty much an emotional wreck with all the time in the world to sit and think about how my life was caving in on me. I couldn't even remember the last time I laughed. I told Dixie I felt like I had nothing to offer anyone and Dixie told me she could help me discover God's plan for my life. I really didn't think I could handle sharing the negative pieces of my life with a stranger, but when I spoke with Dixie she was just so comforting. I felt like I was talking to my sister. There was a positive glow that radiated from her and I decided to give the coaching a chance. I'm certainly glad that I did! Early in the coaching I realized that Satan had been lying to me. He'd been keeping me trapped in my past and my negative mindset. The time I spent with Dixie allowed me to recognize my value and my worth as a child of God. I learned to surrender my hurts and mistaken thinking to God. I became aware that God loved me no matter what! I discovered that I had enormous strength through Him and started finding the passions in my life." -Melissa, CA