dixie diamanti, author

Climbing Out of the Box

Climbing Out of the Box is a totally honest, deeply-felt memoir written by a courageous woman who has not only survived, but triumphed over, childhood sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, loss of identity, rejection, self-denial, divorce, and spiritual abuse. Now a successful Certified Life Coach, author, and speaker, Dixie Diamanti has so much to teach us about childhood and adult struggles – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual -- and the often-precarious journey from unsatisfying religious practices to a true and enriching relationship with Jesus. You will laugh, wince, cry, and be inspired as you walk with Dixie on her path from darkness to light, from captive to free and fulfilled child of God. A compelling story all spiritual seekers should read!

27 Chapters, 161 Pages
dixie diamanti, author

50 Ways To Meet Your Lover

With this powerful and inspirational book, Dixie Diamanti invites you to join her in a closer walk with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and she gives you exciting tools from her own stories to accomplish this. All of her observations and suggestions come directly from her own experiences – positive, negative, and confusing – and all are offered to the reader with respect and love. In her transparency, Dixie shares her vulnerability with the reader. You’ll be moved to tears by some of her experiences, and will embrace the lessons she has learned along her life journey. You’ll be caught up in her humor as she relates her stumbles and falls (literally and figuratively), and you’ll laugh with her. Most of these chapters are based on the blogs Dixie has been writing for several years. Dixie writes the way she speaks -- to friends and strangers alike -- with courage, openness, laughter, and poignancy. This book will inspire you to new ways of thinking, and motivate you to move forward in your own journey with Jesus, the Lover of your soul. As a Certified Life Coach, Dixie knows how to tell her story and draw out the stories and issues of her readers. Read it cover-to-cover, or use it as a devotional, but use it! You will continue to be glad that you did.

50 Chapters, 273 Pages